About Us

PTC Group started in 1956 taking fledgling steps in infrastructure development of the state. From then on PTC Group steadily grew and diverted into seven different verticals namely: Mining, Fuel Retailing,Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real estate, Readymix Concrete and Bottled water industry. Aleph brings to our customer the rich values PTC has adhered to for over six decades and the expertise from being in this field of water purification. Aleph is more than packaged drinking water for good homes. Aleph is a commitment. Aleph is a promise. Aleph is a vision. If Aleph can energise your day, it energises us in return. Fill your heart with goodness. And the world will change for the better by itself.

Why Aleph leads the industry?

There can only be one reason: they believe good health is a part of good life.

“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” This is the first sentence of Leo Tolstoy’s landmark novel Anna Karenina. And it’s closer to truth. All happy families aspire for goodness. They are inspired by good things in life. Your family is no exception because that’s one reason why you are reading this now. And we at Aleph believe that you deserve the best in life and we wish to serve you with nothing but the best. We also believe, if we wish to lead the industry, we need to have a process that defines the future of packaged drinking water. We strive to keep the best standards to take the industry into the future and in the process we deliver you the goodness of a happy future. And then the industry is sure to follow us.