01.  Raw Water Ozonisation18.

02.  Storage in Tiled Concrete Tanks

03.  Sand Filtration
04.  IV 950 Grade Carbon Filtration
05.  5 Micron Micro Filtration
06.  RO Filtration
07.   1 Micron Micro Filtration
08.   2 Micron Micro Filtration
09.   Purification with Ultra Violet Light
10.   Ozonisation of Product Water
11.   Storage of Product Water in Stainless Steel Tanks and Pipes
12.   Automatic Filling done by untouched hand
13.   8 Stages of Jar Washing: 2x Chemical Wash, 2x Hot Water Wash, 2x  Pure   Water Rinsing, Manual Washing of Jar, Jet Washing of Jar
14.  3 Stages of Visual Inspection of Bottled Water
15.  Storage of Bottled Water for 48 Hours
16.  Fumigation of Stored Jars for Complete

17.   Disinfection of Jar Surfaces the Prescribed Tests for 48 Hours is    conducted and after the Qc Certifies, the Water Is released into the Market
18.  Transportation in Covered Vehicles